Lakhs Of Affordable Dwelling Units To Be Constructed In Newly Announced 109 Sectors In Land Pooling Zones.

DDA N Zone

Our capital city is divided in various zones, though a bit difficult to understand but for the real estate builders it has become easier to categorize their works. These divisions are numbered in alphabetical order like A to P, in its Master Plan Delhi 2021. As per the master plan of Delhi, all the N zones cover those areas that are of 8534 hectares. But this is different from the area that comes under O zone. The area that comes under O zone has been excluded from the zonal area of N Zone. Thus this area now remains 8194 hectare.

Here Zone N is the most benefitted zone as it includes even the remote areas, the rural areas and all those villages that are under developed and not so developed. At the same time these areas need proper developmental activities to convert them in to localities.

Through the Land Pooling Policy, it is expected to get 22 thousand hectares of land in the land pooling policy. This will fulfill the housing needs of 95 lakh people. This will accelerate the pace of economic, social and urban development in the national capital. This policy will cover the green field in five different areas.

According to the DDA, it is decided to develop the apartments which come under the N Zone. Also, approximately 70% of the land has been registered through the online portal and soon the development plan would get ready. The 22,000 hectares of land would be developed. Along with it, the landowners will be having a choice to pool the land or make it developed under the Master Plan 2021.

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